Up Your Digital Marketing Game with Short-Form Video

November 29, 2022
8:00 am

As a real estate agent, you are your brand; your brand is defined by your values, characteristics, and unique personality. After all, your personality helps you win clients, make new connections, and maintain strong relationships. Focus on organic content that will resonate and engage with audiences.

Short-form videos like TikTok and Instagram Reels have gone from an entertaining pastime to a powerful digital marketing tool. Most of this video content is consumed in 15 seconds to 3 minutes maximum. So, are you ready to share your brand on these social platforms?

Here are some TikTok and Reels tips and best practices to enhance your video.

  1. Include Hashtags
  • No one will find your video if you don’t. So use them! If you want to promote your unique brand and business, don’t forget to include around five to ten hashtags in your posts. Check out what other real estate agents are using for ideas.
  1. Lead with Value
  • This is a great chance to show off your unique real estate brand. Your video(s) should always feel like YOU. Have fun, be yourself, and provide value; your audience will keep returning for more. You are the market expert, so show it off!
  • Consider these content ideas:
    • Weekly local market statistics
    • Buyers: Getting mortgage pre-approved 
    • Sellers: Prepare Your Home to List
    • Answer your clients’ frequently asked questions
    • Community Events – especially if you’re attending!
  1. Captions Are Your Friend
  • Captions help fill the void when your audience mutes the sound. Also, captions offer you a chance to get more reach and engagement on your post!
  1. Promote Your Unique Brand
  •  What makes you different? What sets you apart from other real estate agents in your area? Why do your clients choose to work with you? Even if you’re a brand new agent, you still have specific strengths to offer your clients—all great elements to promote in a short-form video.
Social Advertising Potential

Organic short-form videos can create tremendous reach for your brand. However, suppose you want to add paid advertising, as with most social media platforms. In that case, you must create a business page to advertise, track performance, review analytics, and link to your website. It is your business, so keep it professional!

Check out our podcast, Jumping Into the Deep End of TikTok, where Fathom District Director Chris Prescott shares how he converted new business from TikTok and Instagram in the first 60 days of creating short-form video content. In addition, he’ll share content ideas and how-tos. If you have been on the fence about producing videos, you will want to listen to this episode!