It is more than a word; it is a calling. The Fathom Family is deeply committed to honoring and serving those who have answered our Nation's call. At all levels of our organization, we are proud to have former military members as part of our family.

As a company, we hold true to serving those who have served our Nation. Through our dedicated Veteran Division, we provide a community for Fathom Holdings Veterans, their families, and their Veteran clients with resources and support.
For Veterans who are new to real estate,
we help partner you with a mentor who is a fellow Veteran. We know that the transition from active duty to civilian life can present its own challenges, and we are here to help.
For Veterans who are established in the industry,
we work to provide you with opportunities to network and engage with other Veterans while growing your business.

Fathom's Guiding Principles

Love. We believe first and foremost in loving others as ourselves. In placing this principle at our very core, it will guide our actions as we grow and make decisions that affect our agents, our stockholders, our clients, and the communities in which we serve.

Service. We believe in the principles of servant leadership. By truly serving others and placing their needs first, we believe they will return that service through excellence, growth, and goodwill.

Integrity. We believe that building trust through integrity is vital in serving our agents and our clients. Therefore, we will be honest and upright in our conduct, unimpaired by selfish ambition or motives.

Acceptance. We believe that we are called to treat everyone with dignity and honor. We are not called to judge others. Instead, we are called to love and serve them.

Respect. We believe in treating others with respect and humility, listening to their words, and seeking first to understand. In doing so, we will build trust and become stronger as an organization, an industry, and a community.

Support. We believe in supporting others through the sharing of ideas, resources, and helping each other grow both personally and professionally. We will strive to exceed expectations on each and every opportunity.

Charity. We believe that it is our shared responsibility to feed the hungry, clothe and shelter the poor, and care for the sick. It is with that belief we serve our local communities through agent-led service projects and company-wide charitable giving.

Family. We believe that Fathom is a family and in being such, we help each other, we serve each other, we respect each other, we protect each other, and we love each other. We do not just talk about being a family, we live it.

What Makes Fathom Different?

Fathom Realty is a full-service brokerage offering agents tools and support with the industry’s best commission plan.

Be An Owner

Earn stock grants for joining, for every sale, and for every agent referral.
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100% Commission

Agents typically save 70% or more in splits and fees when joining.
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Awesome Support

Agents typically save 20% or more in splits and fees when joining.
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Effective Training

Local training, webinars, video on demand, as well as mentoring for new agents.
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Cutting-Edge Technology

Technology with a focus on generating and converting buyers and sellers into clients.
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Servant Leadership

We focus first on serving our agents. Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.
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"Fathom is an idea. A belief that we can change the world through two simple and yet profound principles of love and service. Our human nature actually fights against these two truths as we guard ourselves from being hurt and struggle to gain more, sometimes to the detriment of others. It’s easy to fall into that mindset because survival is coded into our DNA. Fight the urge to serve yourself and your own needs.

Real estate can be more than just a livelihood. It can be a mission, a purpose if you allow it to be. What an awesome opportunity we have to touch the lives of so many people we meet and serve."

Josh Harley, Founder | Chairman | CEO