What if you could benefit from being a broker/owner without the hassle?

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Being an owner of a real estate brokerage is tough. Demands from agents are high, keeping up with technology is exhausting, and making money is almost impossible. Are you ready for another option?

Whether you are a micro brokerage of a few agents or a large company with hundreds or thousands of agents, Fathom could be the ideal fit for your business.

Small to Medium Brokerage Owners

(Typically under 100 agents)
There are many advantages to joining Fathom Realty if you own a small to medium-sized brokerage.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate your financial liability for the business? Fathom will take over that responsibility putting an end to the headache of compliance, audits, bookkeeping, and agent commissions.

No more hassles with leases, insurance, E&O, and the long list of administrative tasks required to run a brokerage business. Fathom will handle it all!

We know you care about your agents and want to ensure they are looked after. We do too! We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your agents are supported and benefit from the many advantages we offer at Fathom.

What’s next for you? Do you want to stay in a leadership role? Do you want to run your own business as a solo agent or team leader? Is it time to retire? We can explore your options and structure our relationship to meet your goals.

Are you ready to see if Fathom is a fit? Our conversations are strictly confidential.

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The opportunity to become part of the Fathom family and their unique, extremely high level of technology, support and service for agents and clients is something about which we are way beyond excited. The combination of Fathom's agent-servant philosophy and service and our new construction and development expertise will prove to be a powerful force in the Idaho market now and into the long-term future.

Orson Woodhouse

founder and CEO of Woodhouse Group Real Estate, Eagle, Idaho
Orson and his team of 40 agents joined Fathom in November 2021


Large Brokerage Owners

Figuring out the next steps for a large brokerage can be complicated. Determining value, cultural fit, and due diligence is just the beginning of the long list of items to be evaluated. You must work with a team that understands these complexities and knows how to find the win-win that you and your agents deserve.

Fathom’s business, legal, and finance teams will walk with you and your team every step to ensure we move quickly and efficiently.

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Our agent-centric philosophy aligns very well with Fathom's servant-leadership culture, putting agents first so they can better serve their communities and clients. We are beyond thrilled to join the Fathom team. We are committed to maximizing value by giving agents all the tools and resources they need to help them be more successful, from a feature-rich technology platform to unbridled training and support to a very attractive commission structure. These attributes make Fathom a sought-after industry leader that helps retain agents and enables them to keep more of their hard-earned commissions and ultimately continue to drive transactions in the Utah market.

Bill Telford

Founder of iPro Realty Network, Utah
iPro Realty joined Fathom in February 2022 with 435 agents

Team Leaders

Fathom's Team Plan will help your team be successful!
Here's how it works:

1. The team leader pays $550 from their side of the sale until reaching the CAP of 15 sales.

2. Team members pay $550 from their side of the sale until reaching the CAP of 5 sales.

3. After the CAP is reached, transactions are only $150, charged only to the team member.

4. The team leader will only pay a $150 transaction fee after the CAP if they are the ONLY person on the sale.

5. There is only one fee of $85 charged on a lease. The team leader will only pay this fee if they are the only person on the deal.

6. The commercial transaction fee of 10 percent is taken off the top of the deal before the team split. There are no other transaction fees charged on a commercial transaction.

7. Leases, commercial, and referrals do NOT count toward your CAP.

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