Buyers, Sellers & the Coronavirus | Josh Harley & Wendy Forsythe

March 13, 2020
2:01 pm

Wednesday, March 18 @ 1:30 PM CST 


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With Josh Harley & Wendy Forsythe

Coronavirus (Covid-19) uncertainty is impacting every part of our lives. We will all need to make adjustments in our businesses as a result. We are monitoring the situation closely and would like to share some observations with you. Join us to discuss the following:

  • Early data on the potential impact to the housing market
  • Discussing Coronavirus with sellers and keeping them safe
  • Showing properties in a Coronavirus world
  • Your business and the next 90 days
This is an evolving and unprecedented situation. Please take all the recommended precautions for your own health and those around you. If you have questions or need help please reach out to your Fathom family.
    Josh Harley

    Josh Harley
    Chief Executive Officer

    Josh Harley

    Wendy Forsythe
    Chief Brand Officer