Growing Your Business in a Down Market

December 29, 2022
9:10 am
Make it Personal

Now is the time to move away from generic newsletters and social media posts. Own YOUR brand. When you create your weekly or monthly e-newsletter, inject your personality into it. Use your voice for social media posts, not a generic, bland tone. Some easy ways to inject your personality into your marketing include telling a story, using humor (in good taste), leveraging nostalgia, engaging with your audience, and simply being human. Remember, your audience is more sophisticated than ever and knows when you are using a generic template versus employing your voice. Check out our resource for Easy Ways to Build Your Brand.

Capture Your Easy Wins

This market is tough; no two ways about it. So, ensure you are working your easy “wins.” Make sure you take the time to optimize your profiles on all platforms, agent-based and social media based, to showcase your talents and skill sets. Don’t lose out on potential leads just because they didn’t know you were a real estate agent. Also, ensure you add substance and specifics to your profiles, not just fluff. For example, which profile would you rather choose as your agent? I help people find their next home. Or, in the past year, I’ve been honored to help over 20 individuals and families find homes that fit their needs and budget.

Be Consistent on Social Media

Simply having a profile on various social media platforms isn’t enough. It’s wise to be active on at least one social network to grow your business. When you focus on leveraging social media, you can run ads, share useful content that will build your audience and drive leads, and reach potential buyers and sellers. 

As social media evolves, your approach should evolve as well. Don’t be afraid of video. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect on video. Done is better than perfect. You can do live video tours of homes with the homeowner’s permission. Congratulate new homeowners on their new homes. Proactively answer questions you are hearing from clients. Or, schedule time weekly to give a brief market report. Check out our resource for 60 Social Media Prompts.

Go Old School

While we live in a digital world, it is important to remember the tried and true methods of lead generation. Remember, picking up the phone and calling people is still permitted. You can do targeted mailings via Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). Don’t forget to attend networking events in your area to build your audience base. Reach out to previous customers and see how they are doing (and don’t forget to update your CRM with that information for future reference). Also, you can still promote your Open Houses in the neighborhood near the property. Check out our Ultimate Open House Checklist.

Ask For The Business

It may seem odd to ask for something from someone you want to serve. Like, “Thanks for being my client, but I want something from you!” Yet, backed up by rock-star service, a little honesty will go a long way to generate future business without any detriment to your relationship with your client.

What does this look like? Try something like this as you start your next deal:

“I’m so thankful to be representing you as your agent. I am sincerely grateful for your entrusting me to serve you. And I will work very hard to make this the best experience possible for you. That being said, my business exists on referrals. And what I want is to do such a good job for you that you want to tell your friends about me when they’re looking for an agent. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to ask you along the way if there are people you know who might be looking to buy or sell their home in the next two years. Is that okay?”

A simple conversation like this sets the expectation and gives you an open door to ask your clients for referrals. It also reminds them that you value doing a good job.

Watch Your Expenses

For most agents, their most significant expense is not their marketing. Instead, it is their broker splits. So, how do you decrease this cost? The solution is deceptively simple – move from a brokerage charging a larger percentage split to a brokerage charging a smaller split or, even better yet, a flat fee per transaction. Flat fee, 100% commission brokerages like Fathom Realty are among the fastest-growing brokerages in the country because agents want control of their expenses and how they spend their commission dollars earned. 

In fact, at Fathom Realty, through our FREE4Life Agent Referral Program, you can eliminate brokerage fees forever! Simply refer four qualified agents* to earn CAP4Life Status, and you will only pay our reduced Capped Transaction fee per transaction. Refer four more qualified agents* to be FREE4Life with Fathom, and you will never pay another fee to Fathom again! (excludes commercial and 3rd party fees). You read that right when you achieve FREE4Life status, NO Annual Fee, NO Transaction Fees, and NO Risk Management Fees, ever! Learn more at

*Referred agents must have completed at least two transactions in the past 12 months and stay with Fathom for a minimum of two months to count toward the eight agents referred.