How to Ask for Referrals in Real Estate

June 23, 2022
8:00 am

“Who are your best clients?” should be easy to answer. Your best clients are the ones who refer business to you! When you’re a real estate agent, one of the best ways to get more business is by asking for referrals from clients. Many agents are unsure how to ask for referrals. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get more referrals!

Ask for the business.

Asking your current and past clients if they know anyone in the market interested in buying or selling a home is usually the best way to get a referral. However, it is always best to request help in person (over a cup of coffee) or over the phone. Texts and voicemails are an impersonal way to ask for a favor. The key is to maintain and nurture strong relationships with your clients. Happy clients will not only want to work with you again, but they are also more likely to refer you to their family and friends.

Provide value to past clients.

A basic rule of any successful relationship is that it cannot always be one person giving and one person taking. The same applies to real estate. You can’t always ask your sphere of influence for referrals if you aren’t providing them with great value. Consider sharing market reports, an email newsletter highlighting local events and market data, or home ownership tips to stay top of mind. Also, the more valuable content and advice you provide to your sphere, the more you position yourself as the market expert. Lead with value, and your database will become your brand advocate and refer people to you.

Say YES to follow up.

If someone refers a potential client to you, make sure to follow up with your client. It shows you appreciate their referral and helps solidify the relationship between you and your client. In addition, a short thank you card or phone call can go a long way in getting referrals!

Asking for referrals doesn’t have to be complicated or awkward – if you follow these tips, you’ll be getting referrals like a pro in no time! 

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